Being in the wellness world, we know all about eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, detoxifying the body, etc. Something we have been hearing a lot about is Sugar. Oh yes, SUGAR! We all know that sugar is bad for you, you should avoid things like candy, cake, ice cream, etc. however, I was able to experience 1st hand the direct effects of sugar on my body when I had to endure a 3 hour glucose test during my pregnancy.

A glucose test consists of you drinking a lot of sugar all at once on an empty stomach and then taking hourly blood draws to see how your body is able to process said sugar. Sounds like no big deal right? Wrong. Almost immediately, I became extremely nauseous, light headed, dizzy and lethargic. The Lab technicians had to check on me on a regular basis to ensure I was doing OK. All of this from sugar, just sugar.

Obviously, most people are not going to be guzzling down the amount of sugar I had to for this test on a regular basis, but it got me thinking about sugar in general and after doing some research, I found that the average intake of “hidden” sugars in things that sound healthy: i.e. salad dressing, packaged “health foods, sauces, etc. is almost 300 grams per day! So while you may avoid things like chocolate and skittles, you may still be getting more that the recommended amount of sugar in ¬†your diet through sugar being added to the every day foods you are eating.

You may be experiencing a variety of different symptoms if you are eating too much sugar: high blood pressure, adult acne, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, overeating, fatigue (sugar causes “crashing” after you eat it), excessive cravings, diabetes and the list goes on. The good news is, you can start eliminating sugar from your diet and start feeling the benefits today:

Improved Energy

Although sugar actually can give you a quick boost in energy (think of kids on a sugar high!), it will actually prohibit your body from being able to keep it’s energy stores at maximal levels. By not eating sugar, you can maintain a healthy energy level so ups and downs and 3pm crashes will be a thing of the past.

Weight Control

As shocking as it may be (note the sarcasm), eating sugar makes you want more sugar! As you start to eliminate sugar from your diet, you will notice you don’t crave the processed, high-carb foods you once did.

Your Insides Will Thank You

Your colon and intestines need a lot of fiber and clean, whole foods to be able to process and eliminate waste. Removing sugar allows your body to do this more effectively. So if you’ve been constipated or having digestive issues, eliminating sugar should help!

Your Skin Will Look Healthier

We always tell our clients that anti-aging and overall wellness start on the inside. If you have been having breakouts and can’t explain why, eliminating sugar may help. Many people on diets like “whole 30” report their skin looking and feeling better once they eliminate sugar.