Kangen Alkaline Water

What is Kangen Alkaline Water and how does it work?alkaline-2

Our water is ionized water with a pH of 8.5-11.0 which it makes it basic, or alkaline. How does this affect you? On an every day basis we are subjected to toxins in the environment, in the food we eat and in the things that we drink. These toxins do not allow our bodies to reach our optimal potential. They can equate to acidity in the body which in turn can equate to acidosis, which is a leading contributor to degenerative health conditions and disease.

How can our water help?

Our water has a pH of 8.5 -11.0 making it basic, or an alkaline water. In addition to our waters pH level, tests have also shown a negative ORP (oxidizing reduction potential) rating making it perhaps the most effective anti-oxidant on the market. Anti-oxidants can help balance out acids ingested through the food and drinks we eat and restore the body to equilibrium or its “original state” as it should be allowing our bodies to function the way nature intended them to.

There are several types of water ionizing machines on the market today, but our machine stands out above the competition. The water is made using medical grade titanium and is the ONLY micro clustered, ionized, alkaline water with a negative ORP (anti-oxidants). Come in today to see the difference drinking alkaline water can make for you. Change your water, change your life!

Recommended Usage

Drink at least a gallon a day to keep dehydration away!


alkaline-1“I have been drinking Alkaline Ionized Water for about a year and a half now and the results have been unbelievable. After fighting and training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts for over twelve years and five surgeries and two herniated disk, I find the level of pain and inflammation in my body at a all time low. I drink half my body weight in water a day is roughly 90 ounces a day. The biggest difference for me is in my neck where the inflammation of the disk flare up and with all the flushing of the toxins and keeping the acidic level in my body low, the difference drinking the water and not drinking the water is black and white. I recommend that anyone looking for a easy way to maximize their health and get daily relief from aches and pains to drink the Alkaline Ionized Water on a consistent basis and the results will speak for themselves!!”

– Kale

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