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Is Chronic Back Pain Making your Life a Misery?

Back pain can be very debilitating and make your life a misery. Back pain, whether it is in your lower back, high in your upper back or even in your neck, can for some, become a chronic condition slowing them down and making it difficult to carry out their normal day to day actives such as looking after their family or forcing them into taking many sick days on a regular basis. Is this you?
Chronic Pain Relief Orange County — Back Pain Treatment

Endless Pain Killers a Way of Life?

As someone who has suffered from back pain over an extended period I know how depressing back pain can be. For pain relief it’s easy to make the taking of pain killers a habit, just to get you through the day. Unfortunately pain killers, while relieving the symptoms to some extent, rarely address the cause or directly aid the area that is causing the problem.

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We’ve Been There

Experiencing these problems first hand and finally finding something that aided in the removal of chronic pain on a permanent basis is what drove us to start the o2 Wellness Center. As we have been offering back pain relieving services, we have been extremely gratified that our original investment has proven to be a good one. We now have many examples of people, our clients, using our services and gaining both immediate and long term relief from back pain.
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Helping other people to experience the same benefits of chronic pain relief is not only rewarding but has enabled us to make many new friends along the way. We now invite you to come in and try our services for free. While some people have needed several sessions, many people have, on trying this for the first time, found immediate relief from pain. This is why we feel sure that if you try it, you will be back for more.

It’s Fun for You and Gratifying for Us!

We can usually tell by a client’s expression on their first visit that they are feeling immediate benefits from the treatment. I can’t tell how great it is to see someone coming in looking weighed down by life in general due to their chronic pain, immediately perk up as they feel the effects of their first session.

What is Our Back Pain Treatment?

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Our back pain relieving services center around a course of Vibration Massage sessions. Our vibration machines have the effect of stimulating the muscles and increasing oxygen supply to the joints. Oxygen supply to critical areas of the body have been shown to have a dramatic effect on the wellbeing of the body in general and its ability to heal itself. = Healing itself is what your body will do, if given the chance.

Increasing oxygen to a critical or inflamed area or joint can give your body the boost it needs to reduce inflammation and kick start the healing process, healing the natural way. Standing on a Whole Body Vibration Massage Machine has the effect of stimulating the muscles and circulating the blood supply to areas of the body that you would not necessarily have been able do so to normally.

Vibration sessions coupled with oxygen therapy and relaxation in our infrared sauna really work together to boost the effect of the core treatment.

What is the Risk of these Treatments?

While we would always recommend that you consult with your physician prior to taking a course, Vibration Therapy is by definition a non-invasive, non-aggressive and gentle treatment. Relaxing the body and improving oxygen supply, indeed a sense of wellbeing and relaxation is the usual effect we see from our clients. We have machines that are graduated, in that different machines offer different levels of vibration. Indeed some of our clients that started out with severe back pain start with very gentle sessions by lying on the machine rather than standing.
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Whether you are recovering from surgery, elderly, an ex-paratrooper or a college student suffering from a sports injury, we have many examples of people who have benefited from this treatment. Sessions are usually only 10 minutes in duration but many of our clients report immediate improvements. Watch our video discussion to learn more and understand if this is right for you.

Stop Back Pain Today!

We are based in San Clemente in Orange County, California not far from Dana Point. Come in a see us today and feel for yourself the benefits of our back pain relieving therapies. Simply walk into our Wellness Center in San Clemente or book a private appointment by calling us at +1 (949) 240 6713 or by booking online.

Health, Pills and Doctors

It’s a sad truth that in today’s society we are prone to “there’s a pill for that” thinking. Doctors are more and more offering pills as the only course of treatment for all kinds of ailments. This does little more than make the pharmaceutical companies happy and encourage those companies to invent more pills in order to boost their profits. It’s gradually becoming better understood that your body has an ability to heal itself and that taking into account the whole body including: lifestyle, exercise, diet, stress and the ability to relax, are critical factors in being healthy and out of pain.

Join the growing number of people taking their health into their own hands and become a Happy (Pain Free) o2 Viber. Book your first FREE Whole Body Vibration Massage today!
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Back pain affects the majority Americans at some point in their lives; some reports indicate more than 80%. If not treated or addressed through a radical change in lifestyle, for some it can become a chronic pain condition. Back pain can manifest as lower back pain “Lumbar L1 – L5”, middle back pain to upper back pain “Thoracic Th1 – Th12” through to neck pain “Cervical C1 – C7”.

Typically back pain causes can be stress, lack of exercise, arthritis, nerve and muscular problems or degenerative disc disease. While many people find some relief from the symptoms of back pain through pain medication or pain killers, these treatments rarely, on their own, solve the problem.

The level of pain sometimes generated by back pain can be surprisingly severe, sometimes forcing you to want to crawl into bed and do little else. While exercise can help it can be very difficult to do until your pain is at least under control.

Get your pain under control and visit the o2 Wellness Center, try our tried and tested pain relief treatments and join the growing number of people who have been able to get their lives back under control.

Call us today, book a FREE consultation and try a Whole Body Vibration Massage and see if this natural treatment is for you!