Scientists from online pharmacy told who in the future faces a complete rejection of sex

Biologists from erectile dysfunction pharmacy have concluded that in order to survive and maintain men health, the first colonists on Mars will have to give up sex and having children. Due to the possible overpopulation of the Earth, which threatens in the future, humanity will begin to explore other planets, and first of all – Mars.

The first settlements are threatened with the complete refusal of sex with the help of generic pills , as sex can harm survival and normal functioning on the planet’s surface writes trustworthy internet pharmacy. The main reason for this will be the limited resources of the planet – all colonists should have perfect health, and to maintain the lives of other members of the “Martian commune” simply will not have enough electricity and heat.

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Scientists noted that such a colony simply could not be humane, which means that the birth of children and the processes for their conception should be completely prohibited. Biologists believe that the process of embryo development in the womb on Mars is impossible without top brand meds at lowest prices: reduced gravity and radiation will not allow bearing, give birth, and grow healthy offspring. The researchers added that humanity would be able to reproduce peacefully on Mars only when the means to create “earthly” living conditions, albeit within separate settlements on the surface of the planet, are invented.