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O2 Wellness is committed to providing cost effective INTEGRATIVE services and solutions to all individuals regardless of age who are seeking improvement in their over-all-health, beauty and mental well being.

The O2 Wellness Story

Brenda+and+Kristy+-+WebBrenda Carbone and her partner, Kristy Carbone chose to open o2 Wellness Center amidst a challenging economy because of the direct affect the integrative services had on their lives. Brenda, after living with severe arthritis and neck pain for several years, was forced with a decision: To have fusion surgery on her 3, 4 and 5 neck vertebrae to relieve her arthritis symptoms and pain, or to continue living with the aid of pharmaceutical drugs (pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medications, sleeping pills, cortisone shots, etc.) as she had been doing for several years.

Fortunately, the discovery of therapeutic whole body vibration gave her another option: To live pain free without surgery or medications. Brenda began consistently using the whole body vibration machine and within weeks, was off of her medications and feeling better than she had in years.

Not only was she pain free, but after consistent use for a longer period of time Brenda lost 30 pounds, toned her muscles, had more energy, slept better at night, reduced her stress level, and had an overall sense of well-being. Seeing this transformation, Kristy decided to try whole body vibration for herself and started using the machine on a daily basis. Almost immediately, she lost inches and weight, increased lean muscle mass, and felt better than ever.

Together, they researched, studied and participated in learning more about taking charge of their own bodies and how to offer this to the public, so they too could obtain maximum results to a healthier and happier body; thus, began the creation of o2 Wellness.

Give The Gift Of Wellness

O2 Wellness is an Authorized Distributor for Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration Machines, Oxygen Bars, Galvanic Skin Treatment systems and other related products. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products … please contact O2 Wellness for assistance at (949) 240-6713.

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