Body Balancing Therapy

wellness spa san clemente caThe Body Balancing Beauty System we use is a product of several decades of bioenergetic research, and its innovative technology rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit by de-stressing, harmonizing, and rebalancing. The Body Balancing Beauty System operates on the principles of bio-electric functioning of the body, and it stimulates appearance through a high-speed digital sensing interface and sophisticated waveform generator. The Body Balancing Beauty System works together with the client’s energy field, and enhances the amount of energy to reprogram deficient information to channel toward youthfulness rather than aging. The Body Balancing Beauty System uses a cybernetic loop link that uses skin resistance reactivity and muscular interface to gently measure the reactions and then generate a safe, micro-current pulse stimulation of the skin to rejuvenate the body and improve the appearance of skin.

The Body Balancing Beauty System Experience includes 8 audio guided relaxation sessions and visualization exercises to help encourage and maintain your mental beliefs about a positive self-esteem, so that you can radiate your beauty from within. In addition, it plays carefully orchestrated musical compositions that include unique notes known as the lost “Solfeggio Tones” to support the relaxation process through the vibrational patterns of these notes.

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  • Benefits of Body Balancing Therapy
  • Reduces stress
  • Reverses aging
  • Improves appearance
  • Provides relaxation
  • Stimulates positive body image
  • Guides innate abilities to harmonize mind, body, and spirit
  • Enhances youthfulness
  • Improves skin appearance

Recommended Usage

The Body Balancing Beauty System should be used once every 72 hours to allow the body to fully experience and benefit from each treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can The Body Balancing System be used on a continuous lifetime basis?
    Yes, absolutely
  2. How does this device work? How does it read my body?
    It works because the body is electrical. We all put out measurable volts, amps, and resistance values. This is how “EEG” and “ECG” devices work. Our system is more sophisticated in that it receives back subtle shifts in the “electrical body” in response to specific test signals. This “respons-ability” of the body is common to all living things, and is called ‘electrical physiological reactivity’, or ‘EPR.’ By measuring the body’s reactivity, The Body Balancing Beauty System knows what frequencies each individual needs to help reduce stress and encourage well being.
  3. How long will a session last?
    You can choose between a ½ hour session, or a deeper full hour experience.
  4. How long does it take to see results?
    That depends on the individual stress patterns. Many people experience a sense of deep relaxation with easier breathing right away. This would increase oxygen availability, which would have immediate positive effects on thinking, heart rate, and digestion for example.
  5. Will I be shocked, or feel anything?
    Not likely. The energy returning to the body is set by the level of energy of the individual client, so each person gets the signals at their own ‘biological level.’ These are measured in the ‘micro’ range, i.e.: thousands of volts. Some energetically sensitive people may notice slight tingling, warming or movement sensations.
  6. How does it know what part of my body to work on?
    Because the body knows. Its like eating food; the body send the nourishment to where it is needed now. The same happens energetically…nature knows way beyond what the logical mind would like to think it knows!
  7. What can I expect to feel?
    Anything from nothing to the deep relaxation or mild sensations mentioned above.
  8. How do the frequencies transfer into the water or water based skincare line?
    The water molecule is unique. It is ‘magnetizable’ just like a cassette tape…it can hold and transmit energy and information perfectly. Water has been called a ‘liquid crystal’ because of this unique ability. Your body is mostly water, so it is this water in you that also ‘holds’ your energy field.
  9. Can I do this everyday? Is that better?
    No, it is best to let the system work for it’s full range of effects for 72 hours before repeating. We also do not want to create a dependency on any outside stimulation, so we suggest weekly sessions as a good balance.
  10. If I have heart issues or use a pacemaker can I get a session?
    Although highly unlikely, there is a one in a million chance the device could interfere with the codes in a pacemaker. We suggest discussing this with your doctor before making a decision. You can, however, begin to experience the skin care products right away.
  11. If I am pregnant, can I use it?
    Up to the 3rd or 4th month. Again, it is not likely there would be a problem, but in the interest of the baby’s total well being, just work with the skin products until after delivery.
  12. Can I use it right after surgery, or before?
    Yes, relaxation and stress reduction have been shown to reduce recuperation time from any kind of medical procedure.

Although working with subtle energies is relatively new to us in the Western World, we are working with age-old principles and concepts which have been safely practiced by traditional societies for centuries. The science of quantum physics is now breaking down the walls of our belief that we are only physical beings. All life and creation are one thing…whether you call it light, energy or divine intelligence. There are many paths to healing…not just one. We encourage you to explore these paths and discover for yourself the healing benefits of modern stress reduction and anti aging technology!