“After only one session, my 13 year olds arthritis pain disappeared for 2 weeks.” – Gunner, 13 years old


“After using the Whole Body Vibration Machine, I noticed increased strength and endurance as well as a better nights rest!” – Allie H, 17 years of age


“I’ve been drinking Alkaline Ionized Water for a while now – the skin on my arms appears more moist than before, and my face as well. Reluma has noticeably plumped the area that tends to sink in on my cheek just below the eye. The infrared is also enjoyable. Brenda, and those who help her, are very nice people.” – Carmen B, 76 years of age


“After wearing the “Vibes Up” bracelet for pain I have quit taking my pain medication for my shoulder surgery. The meds were giving me migraine headaches, now I have no shoulder pain or migraines from drugs!” – Stacy L, 33 years of age


“I have been Vibing (whole body vibration) for about 1 year. I have more energy, have started running again, and eliminated a minor hand tremor that I had for years. This also helps me deal with stress better – things just “roll off” easier! Highly recommend it!” – Laura H


“The weight loss program worked! I lost 20 pounds in 30 days and have kept it off for 5+ months.” – Jeff H


“I did the oxygen bar with the vibrating machine and the 1st time I slept like a baby and my chronically sore shoulder felt amazing, for days!” – Joanna B


“I have had great benefits with whole body vibration. I have an overall sense of well-being, increased strength and stamina, flexibility, joint suppleness and weight loss. My body is toned and my attitude is happy and better with less stress. I wouldn’t live my life without it!” – Denise D.


“I had my doubts at first because all of these services promising so many great things to your body and all I have to do is lay down, sit or stand? Too good to be true, but o2 is what is a haven for the body’s wellness. After one sauna treatment and one vibe session, my body felt fantastic for a week. I had more strength and more energy. Thanks!” – Laura G, 25 years of age


“The first time I came into o2 Wellness, Brenda spent time with me and it was a wonderful experience! I love the products, sauna and vibing. I also use the Alkaline Ionized Water and feel more hydrated and have more energy. I love coming to o2 Wellness because I feel so much better when I leave.” – Tamara W.


“Believe this approach to wellness – mind, body and spirit – DELIVERS! I have experienced results immediately. Results I could have never imagined! Give yourself the gift of life and wellness – o2 Wellness! Thank you for bringing this experience and opportunity to me and everyone that comes through your door.” – Jennifer W.


“Ten minutes of the whole body vibration relieved all the pain in my right knee. I had been standing for five hours and that was causing stiffness and swelling. Also, from old age that I suffer from knee pain from time to time, but standing always increases the pain. Vibing removed the pain completely.” – Laura


“I was about to get Botox. I was unhappy at looking older. I saw the email about Reluma and decided to try it after one week I look ten years younger & everyone is commenting. No need for botox. Now I am also using it on my keloid scar which is now almost gone. Thanks!” – Kim C.


“To begin the testimonial pages in o2’s book is not big enough for all that i need to say.
I have been a 02 viber for about 1 year now. What i have noticed since vibing is this:

More energy , better sleep, better mood, toner skin, clearer thinking, and better breathing overall better healthier feeling.

What is really noticeable is when i cannot vibe (when life just gets in my way to go to the center) I notice I’m in a bad mood, I’m tired and just feeling “off” all together.

Kangen water:

All of the above along with feeling totally hydrated. Try stop drinking this water for 1 week and feel the difference. Using the water for disinfecting and healing scraps or skin problems is incredible. For instance i have periodontal problems, and after rinsing with the 2.5 water for one (1) month my periodontist says to me “ i can’t remember when i have seen your gums this healthy, keep doing whatever it is your doing”. Well the water was the only different thing i am doing. Then there is the time when i had an eye infection, well a couple of drops of the 2.5 and then the 11.5 in that eye and the inflammation and the redness and soreness was gone and that was after only (1) application !!! This water is amazing!

Foot detoxing and infrared sauna:

Honestly i am not the nicest person to my own body!!!! I can abuse my body more than the usual person. I am not proud of this but it’s just the way “life goes with me” because i am not real good at keeping my stress at bay i know that the foot detoxing and the infrared sauna is “excellent” for detoxing and relaxing my body. I swear that if i did not do “all of these” treatments i would look 15 years older than i do now. Not only does my skin feel amazing after the sauna it “glows” and my overall feeling of well being is improved after both of these treatments.

Skin products sold here:

Ok lets talk products. I used to be the person that went into the dr. Office for the “lasers”, “botox”, and all the fillers that came out. Well the economy tanked and i had to stop this nonsense !!!! O2 wellness stocks the most amazing products for your face and body. At very reasonable prices i might add…… i see and feel changes in my skin with using these products and the best part is applying product is not painful like those other treatments i mentioned. I believe with all the treatments and products in the center it is possible to slow down the aging process “a lot”.

Hydrafacial/l.e.d. light treatment:

Although i have yet to experience this phenomenal treatment, i have seen the difference in women that have had it and i have to say their skin looks unbelievable. Will write more about that when i have finished by series of the treatments.

For a fraction of the cost that you would spend in a plastic surgeons office doing all the preventative procedures to ward of surgery, o2 wellness can keep you feeling and looking younger without the painful procedures . The surgeon’s procedure can only make you look better, the center helps you look better (and) you definitely “feel” fantastic and it is a fun place to spend your time, now you can’t say that about the plastic surgeon’s office can you?
” – Debbie Peterson (Age: 55)


My overall health has been okay with a weakness associated with my lungs and respiratory ailments. When I started using Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration 60 days ago with full blown bronchitis (coughing, no energy) I was over the bronchitis within 7 days, my energy and vitality were at an all time high. The next two weeks I noticed a big change in my sleep patterns, First I could stay awake for long periods time and then when I did go to sleep it was deep and refreshing. The best part is yet to come, after many years of dieting and exercise I lost inches and went down 1 dress size. I can only imagine what other people are gaining from this life changing machine, it is a true blessing. – Kim Morrow, Irvine, CA


“Since using Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration I have an overall sense of well being. I need less sleep and have more energy. While I have not directly lost weight, my muscles have shown increased definition, and there is a noticeable increase in their overall performance, flexibility, and strength. My neck and lower back have strengthened and I seldom have pain in these areas. As a tri-athlete, I look forward to continuing to take advantage of both the short and long term benefits of the Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration not only for athletic conditioning, but also to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.” – Kristy C.


“The (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) System, in three weeks, has transformed me – body- soul – and mind. My mental attitude towards my health has done a 360 degree turn. Prior to being introduced to this amazing machine I always had the best intentions of exercising and eating healthy but did not have the drive. With the (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) I have experienced an amazing transformation. Some of the physical changes include the ability to sleep through the night without the aid of medication, and I am energized when I wake up. I have lost both weight and inches, and my bowl movements are normal. I no longer suffer with the severe lower back ache from arthritis that has plagued me for the past 15 years and my posture has improved. My double chin is a thing of the past, my facial skin is tighter, and my skin is radiant and even my hair feels healthier. My bouts with depression are obsolete and the weight on my shoulders that sometimes paralyzed me no longer has a threshold on me. I continually experience a positive mental attitude. I find myself unafraid to take on the new challenges which have presented themselves in the past 2 weeks. I am now thankful on a daily basis for the blessing I receive. I am amazed that a single machine can do for me what the (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) has done.” – Rosanne L., California


“I have been using (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) for 18 days now. I started off using it once a day on the Wellness setting and then moved to the Workout session. I can say I am hooked! I wake up each morning looking forward to getting on the machine. I notice since using (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) my sleep is better then ever, and I wake up early ready to go. I don’t feel groggy and I don’t want to sleep in as usual. I have more energy, feel toner, my endurance is higher. I had major back surgery to fix my broken spine, and replaced a disk. I can not use a lot of the equipment at a gym, and I believe (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration)is helping my back to get stronger and giving me the workout I need. I truly don’t want to be with out it. It just makes me feel so good.” – Becky Bryant, California


“Energizes & Invigorates me. I also noticed my muscles are more toned. I check my own blood pressure, and was happy to see it has gone down. In addition, my congestion cleared up, and I have not had to use my inhaler like I did before. I love the way it makes me feel all around. I feel great and handle stress much better then I have in the past. I highly recommend (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) to anyone looking to feel and look great!” – Ned M., San Clemente, CA


“Words cannot describe how delighted I am to have met you two and I am even more excited that your dream came true to open a health spa which is so close to my own home. My husband and I are committed to our well being and good health. Your spa is the answer to our wishes. I have felt physically so much better since I have visited your salon and I have only had four treatments. We have so much more energy, we sleep better at night, our aches and pains are much more under control, and in fact, we feel wonderful!

A few days ago a friend of mine joined me and we both had an ionic foot treatment. We were absolutely amazed at the results. My husband and I do the vibrating treatment three times a week and can’t wait to come see you. The great thing about these treatments, and I am talking about all of them, is that they can’t hurt you and that they are so highly beneficial. I would really like to try the oxygen treatment as well. As we get older, we need all of the clean and pure air we can get.

Men and Women should be elated to have the opportunity for these services. I never thought that I could feel so well. As we get older, and we are, health and well being should be on the top of our list. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR US! I hope that many people will take advantage of your services. We recommend you on a daily basis to all of our friends. I know that your business will be a great success and we wish you all the best as we continue to see you at least three times per week.”  – Gerda K.


“This is simply a note to tell you how delighted I am to have met you and used your vibration therapy. I had NOT walked without a cane or a walker since 2005 (both legs seriously damaged in WW2 and Korea with the Airborne Rangers). The wounds I received broke both my legs badly and eventually I developed osteoarthritis. I fell often and increased the symptoms. As you know, I have signed up for a dozen treatments, so you will be seeing me and my wife frequently. I am 80 years old so “Old Father Time” is also laying his heavy hand on me. But I am remarkably improved and I recommend you to all my friends, including my family physician!” – Aloysuis K., P.H.D., L.L.D., D.D., Professor Emeritrus Riverside, CA


“I just started three days ago with the vibration machine and have seen an improvement already. I’m sleeping better, have more energy, and greater flexibility.  I also did a foot detox. I think it actually helped get rid of my hangover!  The staff is very knowledgeable, fun, and friendly. Highly recommended!” – Matt C.


“Best Detox!
I started with the Therapeutic whole body Vibration machine, and then followed with the Ionic foot detox. The Vibration machine felt great! It left me with a tingling feeling and over. Later in the day my abs and legs were sore, almost like I went on a little run.

The foot bath was interesting. Distilled water was used, slowly the water started to turn a light orange color. As I sat, I read the benefits of this detox. About 20 mins later I looked down and the water was dark brown almost black. GROSS! I was a little tired afterward, and drank a ton of water. Felt great the next day.

The staff is so nice and knowledgeable. If you really want a great detox check this place out. They offer 3 free Vibrations, no strings attached. Just bought a month pass and can’t wait to see my results at end of month.” – Jessica W.


“I was lucky enough to receive a gift card to O2-Wellness for Valentine’s Day from my very sweet husband. I couldn’t wait to get in for our first visit and now I am hooked. I love the vibe machine. After the first use I slept better than I have in decades, it was incredible. We also did a foot detox that day, judging by the color of the water we needed it, ick!

Day three on the vibe was today. I came in with a terrible tummy ache and after 10 minutes it was gone. This is incredible because when I get a tummy ache it stays until the next day, every time. I can feel the vibe working on all sorts of muscles, including facial muscles. I am excited to see the results after a bit of time has gone by, since the 3 day results are already impressing me.

Later this week, mini-face lift and the sauna, can’t wait.

Oh, and I should have mentioned this at the beginning, everyone at O2 is so knowledgeable and friendly. We just love Brenda! Thank you guys, see you tomorrow” – Kimberly C.


“Have been using the vibe equipment (Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration) daily to help me rehab from a recent surgery on my foot and ankle. Ankle swelling improved dramatically after first few treatments. Have noticed my body getting leaner in addition to gaining my strength back following surgery. O2 staff is very interested in their clients health and wellness goals. I am very pleased with my results in just the first month. Looking forward to continued results, as well as other offerings O2 Wellness is providing. Staff is great…very focused on the client. It is a fun, positive and upbeat place to be!” – Sara P.


“Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration is something I am excited about and so glad to have O2 Wellness in town so that I can refer my friends and patients. I especially recommend whole body vibration to people with conditions that increased circulation is a benefit. Almost immediately you can feel targeted increases in blood flow to areas that need it. This can mean people with muscle soreness or injury right up to those with diabetes or Fibromyalgia. Like I said I am excited to see people get on this machine and see what it can do for them.” – Dr. Tyler J., San Clemente, CA


“You may ask why I am willing to drive one and a half hours to O2 Wellness. It’s because the experience is totally worth it and so I am! From the Whole Body Therapeutic Vibration Machine, Oxygen Bar, Body Balance machine, and much more, the entire experience from the caring and knowledgeable staff to the ‘State of the Art’ technology for increasing your wellness both mind and body, the experience is one that will change your life.” – Jennifer W.


“I thought it (Live Cell Analysis) was great. I am always keen on prevention, alternate medicine, etc. However, sometimes you have no idea if you are getting any benefit from it or not. I.e.: when I go for acupuncture I really don’t know if it is doing anything. What I liked about this was we were seeing exactly what any problem areas are, they are right there in front of you on the screen. Kathy was very knowledgeable and had great suggestions for how to deal with problem areas. I found it interesting too that she identified a genetic predisposition that I have that a Dr. also recognized in some testing I had done.

I am doing the regime that she told me to follow (well the supplements, haven’t got to the no spicy foods or pickles or alcohol). In any event, the supplements are doing wonders. There are definite results in the things I can measure and it will be interesting to see if a couple of other things clear up that can only be seen when she does the test.” – Kimberly C.


“Mark, Brenda, and Kristy, thank you so much for giving me access to the live cell analyst, she was very informed and made it a great experience. You guys are the best.” – Denise D.


“I would like to share my success story of my complete wellness transformation. My journey began when I walked into o2 Wellness over 6 months ago. I am the first to admit, at this time, my weight and sense of well being were off.

I began using EWOT and The o2 Viber consistently and I feel amazing. Since then, I have lost over 25 pounds and have kept it off. I have increased energy and flexibility, and all day stamina like never before. I am grounded and have an overall sense of well being.

I am a true walking testimony with my golden glow. O2 Wellness and their programs are the best!

Thank you o2 Wellness and happy vibing!” – Kale


“I have been drinking Alkaline Ionized Water for about a year and a half now and the results have been unbelievable. After fighting and training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts for over twelve years and five surgeries and two herniated disk, I find the level of pain and inflammation in my body at an all time low. I drink half my body weight in water a day (roughly 90 ounces a day). The biggest difference for me is in my neck. The inflammation of the disk flare up and with all the flushing of the toxins and keeping the acidic level in my body low, the difference drinking the water and not drinking the water is black and white. I recommend that anyone looking for an easy way to maximize their health and get daily relief from aches and pains to drink the Alkaline Ionized Water on a consistent basis and the results will speak for themselves!”