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Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Lose 1-2 Pounds a Day!

Lose 30 pounds in 30 days?

UNBELIEVEABLE? Well, believe it!

Even our most skeptical o2 Vibers are losing up to 1-2 pounds per day following the o2 Wellness Center Rapid Weight Loss HCG Diet.

Wondering what the HCG diet is all about? The basic explanation: You will take our homeopathic HCG drops 3 times a day while following a specific low-calorie diet for 21 – 40 days, depending on the amount of weight you would like to lose.

No doubt, you have plenty of questions. What do I eat, does it really work, what can I expect?

We will sit down with you for a one on one personal consultation to go over the HCG Rapid Weight Loss Diet, explain the specific diet guide and give you all of the products and information you need in order to be successful before, during and after your weight loss!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is HCG?
    HCG is defined as Human Chronic Gonadotropin which is natural accruing protein hormone that develops in the placenta during the first trimester of pregnancy shortly after conception.
    This protein hormone is recognized as a peptide. Peptides are a class of hormone that is secreted into the blood stream and aide in endocrine functions in living animals.
  2. HCG – The Weight Loss Cure?
    HCG is being called the weight loss cure because it essentially tells your body to feed off of your abnormal fatty areas instead off feeding off of the food you eat and/or your body’s muscle.
    It is believed that when your body experiences a reduced calorie diet, HCG resets the hypothalamus by sending signals which tell your body to utilize body fat as a primary source of energy and to conserve and maintain lean body mass (muscle mass), resulting in rapid weight and inch loss (An average of 20-30 pounds per month).
  3. How do I take the HCG?
    Our HCG is to be taken orally 20 minutes before or after you have had anything to eat or drink. Each time you take HCG, place 10 drops under your tongue and hold for 2 minutes. It is NOT to be injected. Let me repeat: DO NOT inject this HCG into your body.
  4. Where is the HCG produced?
    Our homeopathic HCG is ordered from a US company where the “laboratory is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. All procedures follow strictly the guidelines set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is the official document governing homeopathic manufacturing in this country.”

    While the HCG we sell may be a bit more costly than internet based HCG, which typically comes from China or India (and has been known to be contaminated), purchasing from an FDA approved facility allows quality and safety assurance, so what you get the exact oral HCG weight loss you ordered. This is the number one homeopathic HCG diet preferred by clinics, dieticians and professionals in the weight loss field.

  5. What will I need?
    Aside from the foods listed on the Food Guide, you will want to purchase a food scale which will ensure you are eating the proper amounts of each of the different food groups. It is also highly recommended to take certain vitamin and mineral supplements to help replenish essential nutrients your body is not getting from food and help you succeed on the diet which your o2 Wellness consultant can go over with you during your appointment. We have all of the products and support you need!

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