27 Aug 2016
August 27, 2016

What is BEMER

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BEMER positively influences the way your blood flows through the tiniest blood vessels in your body. Our bodies have been designed to fix themselves but they struggle to do this because of lifestyle habits that place a tremendous burden on our metabolism. Every single living cell in your body needs a consistent supply of oxygen and nutrients.. read more →

O2 Wellness can help improve the density of your skin. We will not only make your skin look younger, it will be younger! read more →

With this rapid weight loss plan you can lose 1 – 2 pounds a day! Unbelievable? Well, believe it! We are not going to lie, it is not a piece of cake. But if you really want to get the weight off and keep it off then this is the diet for you. Even our.. read more →

Being in the wellness world, we know all about eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, detoxifying the body, etc. Something we have been hearing a lot about is Sugar. Oh yes, SUGAR! We all know that sugar is bad for you, you should avoid things like candy, cake, ice cream, etc. however, I was able.. read more →

Did you know that o2 Wellness can help you eliminate those annoying fine lines around your lips? Now you can start correcting lower facial wrinkles in the comfort of your home without injections, chemicals or surgery! Dermastrips are an innovative anti-aging device that’s effective, painless and non-invasive!   read more →

Posted By Dr. Mercola Standing on a vibrating platform can be beneficial for muscles and bones, particularly in older or sedentary adults. Whole body vibration, or WBV, involves standing on a platform that sends mild vibratory impulses through the feet and into the rest of the body. It is claimed that the vibrations activate muscle.. read more →

*Recently, many physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches have started incorporating whole-body-vibration(WBV), in which patients stand on a platform that provides gentle to challenging, constant vibration that reverberates through the body. Background Originally developed for Russian cosmonauts to preserve muscle and bone mass in zero gravity conditions, whole-body-vibration is gaining confidence among health practitioners—particularly.. read more →

Written by: Kristy Carbone, Partner at o2 Wellness Forbes Magazine has stated that one third of all Americans are now affected by obesity. Those who suffer from the issue of being overweight do so for an obvious reason: They consume more calories through the foods they eat than they burn. One not so obvious reason.. read more →

25 Aug 2015
August 25, 2015

Oil Pulling

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Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification. It involves the use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat. How To Oil Pull The most effective oil pulling is done by placing around a tablespoon of.. read more →

Whether you have heard of them through a friend, massage therapist, energy healer, alternative doctor, esthetician, or just in passing, we have all heard of essential oils, a natural aromatic compound extracted from plants through steam or cold pressing. What you may not know is that therapeutic-grade essential oils, which are both powerful and safe.. read more →